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Jace Everett

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You may know Jace as the writer/singer of "Bad Things," the theme song for the hit HBO series True Blood. But check out his other work; he's an amazing artist!

Jace and I became great friends when I co-produced his first album (which included "Bad Things") for Sony, and we remain close friends and working mates today.

Jace is one of the most talented, hardest-working independent artists I know, and it thrills me to watch his career take off!

"Greg is the only guy I trust with my mixes. He's not just an engineer, but a fine musician and world class producer. Without missing a single detail in a tracking or mixing session, it's his ability to see the big picture that truly sets him apart. From sounds, to arrangements, to his ability to deal with the egos and insecurities of us "Artiste" types Droman is the best I've ever worked with."
- Jace Everett

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